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Sound off for May 16
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I want to congratulate you all for posting the letter from Charles Frasier concerning the president. It was such a beautiful letter. Could you post it again please in the editorial section? I read it, and I misplaced mine. Keep up the good work.

I am calling in regard to Charles Frasier’s letter that was in the paper. Would somebody pinch him and see if he’s alive?

Obama’s trip here is no different than a city official going to St. Simons, or the empty buses driving around town. A big waste of taxpayer’s money.

I just wanted to tell the company that did the resurfacing on Highway 84 that it could not have turned out any better. They did an excellent job, and they should be complimented.

This is in reference to the comments made by Col. Mrozinski and Mr. Wood: This was not the president’s fault. This was the fault because they did not start planning at the VA level when they had two wars. I am a Vietnam vet, and when I got out after doing two tours, I couldn’t get a job, and I had to go back in.

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