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Sound off for May 16

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I’m not willing to wait in line so I can go on post and use the facilities on post. As citizens of Hinesville, we’ve always supported the soldiers — the moral support and the money. We know the money goes to help them. But we can just hop in the car and go up to Pooler. They’ve got a bowling alley, they’ve got skating rinks, they’ve got go-carts, new restaurants that we can take our kids to, since it seems like they don’t want us on post. Fort Stewart and Hinesville used to be just one big city, and now we’re being cut off.

I’m just wondering how many other people couldn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy recently because of the cable company who runs blank screens, and then you try to call for service and you have to talk to somebody in Mexico about it. And they want your Social Security number, and you’re not going to get it. Maybe we should all band together and go talk to these people and ask them for their Social Security numbers, and maybe they’ll provide us with better service.
City council members, you are really doing a disservice to the homeowners and single-family residents in Hinesville. We have more soldiers moving in and leasing a house and then subleasing it out to half a squad sometimes. It’s just constant junk cars, parties and all these city ordinances being disobeyed. We’re paying good tax money to live in this, so quit passing ordinances if you’re not going to enforce it. Just say, “Taxpayers, you’re at our mercy and we haven’t had time to enforce things like that. We’ll spend money on what we want and nothing good for the citizens.”

The problem is not with African-Americans. The problem is with the segregationists of the Georgia Black Mayors’ Association not being inclusive and doing away with segregation.

People, we need to wake up. I do not believe Walmart is now the lowest-priced store in town.

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