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Sound off for May 19

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I don’t have any hang-up with the Black Mayors’ Association and I’m white. But I also wonder what would happen if we had a white-only white caucus. We’d have the biggest uprising about racial slurs and everything else. You can’t mention “white only” or that you’re white without creating an undertone.
Let me see if I got this right: Somebody took their dog into city hall while they were paying a bill and the puppy piddled. It happens. Was the owner asked to clean it up? Or did they ignore it? Or, worse, did one of the clerks run them out of the building? Some stores that welcome animals have a little thing on the wall where you can pick up a pad to wipe up your puppy’s mess. This might be a good idea. It seems like there are more problems to be dealt with than a puppy piddling in city hall.
To the person who said the president is a great failure, you’ve got your facts wrong. The reason why 6 million people are in poverty is due to the banking and financial debacle in 2009 under the Bush era. Outsourcing jobs was the Bush era. Overtaxing the  middle class was the Bush era. Now you want to fix the problem overnight.
Read the article about the book written by Joe Gillam, “Fool Me Once, Never Twice.” Where can we get a copy of his book? (Editor’s note: Gillam’s book is available at, and
Why are we so worried about the racial slurs, etc.? Most of us are guilty of using the Lord’s name in vain when we shouldn’t. What do you call that, a religious slur? What are we going to do about it?

Where are the parents? One recent Sunday, their kids were allowed to play in the street with a water hose and sprinkler and bathing suits, toys, bikes, towels, etc. Two days later, the mess is still there, the bike and the towel. This is directly across from our house where we have to look at it all day, including the unmowed yard. We have observed the mother sitting in a chair smoking while this goes on.

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