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Sound off for May 20

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Congratulations to my classmate, Donnie Pulliam. You represented Liberty County so well. I guess that is  why you were voted “most likely to succeed” by the Class of 2013. Gooooo, Donnie!

After watching the seniors rec girls play the other day, in order for Liberty County to have good high-school softball teams, they need some coaches that know how to train these girls — how to run the bases and how to hit the balls and catch the balls. They need a good coach that knows how to train. There are many good softball coaches around that work with the kids and have routines and these girls become really good, but these girls need it in Liberty County to compete with other schools.

I read the guest column in (the May 6) Coastal Courier, and I was just wondering how many of these landowners, plus the citizens along the route of this proposed pipeline by Kinder (Morgan), voted Republican, who are known for their big-oil agenda and their anti-environmental-regulation agenda. So just remember, folks: You get what you vote for.

I would still like to see in the Coastal Courier, happy 40th anniversary on May 5 to Rolly and Karen Wiseman on their 40th anniversary and many more, we hope.

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