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Sound off for May 26

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I’m just sitting here reading the Sound off, and this person saying about the fact that what happened in Baltimore, you know, and talking about the city councilman that laid down in the street, so maybe they’re going to start — free speech is fine, but this kind of stuff, the only thing you do is aggravate and cause things to happen that probably wouldn’t happen. It seems to me this person wants something like that to happen. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be talking like that.

Wow — they finally found out who’s always making disturbance in the City Council in Walthourville. Wow. Well, maybe now she knows we know that she’s not for the mayor, so that’s OK, because what else can she do but keep disturbance going?

Really? The Ludowici Police Department has one of those newer plate readers on cars, as much as they sit out there and run radar instead of patrolling the town of the Ludowici, period? Must we think back to the ’70s and ’80s of what went on there, and now we have equipped them to do so again?

Hall of Fame for Savannah, Georgia, hall of shame for Bradwell Institute. It only took 14 years to totally destroy Bradwell Institute’s football program.

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