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Sound off for May 29
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

There needs to be an evaluation on the recreational department concerning their  politics and coaches. It’s not necessary and fair to the kids. I’m tired of the politics.

The problem with the Small World Festival was who was in charge of it. There weren’t enough vendors or enough things for the kids to do. I think they need to be more organized and get someone else to run it next year.
I had a question about the developer at McDonalds not paying for road changes. Changes to the road must happen. This improvement helps all businesses, not just McDonalds.

Is it a criterion to be black to join the black mayors’ association? If not, if you’re a mayor, join. As far as white history, pick a month, open up any history book and problem solved.
Someone explain to me why our high school authority of Liberty County is going to invest $1 million into Long County when we have all of this property here? Somebody needs to get a grip.

Whoever let these love bugs escape Florida should be shot, because these things are aggravating.

We have all kinds of problems in this world. There are so many problems with love and hate. God’s word doesn’t fail. He’s the only one that can keep us and redeem us.

I voted for the person who was against the Common Core to protect not only the kids but also the teachers who know what they’re teaching. We don’t need a Bill Gates running the school system. He made his American dream. Every child should have the same chance he got and not have to learn stupid stuff.

This is a response to the claim about the Black Mayors Association being a segregated group. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is also a segregated group that meets in Georgia.

Hey ya’ll in Long County, or what I like to call it, Wrong County. There is now a $1,000 fine for not having 911 addresses to the postage on signage. So get yourself a sign that says “911 here’s your sign.”

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