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Sound off for May 30

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I thought that to be considered for teacher of the year, you had to be a teacher for three full years. All the past teachers of the year in Long County had three or more years of experience. But it’s who you know and who your grandfather was as superintendent. I don’t think it’s fair.

This is to the county employee driving the Ford F250 white pickup at the McDonald’s on Wednesday morning. There was a space between me and the car in front of me to allow traffic to flow through the parking lot. You took it upon yourself to pull into that space. I guess that sausage biscuit was calling your name. Thanks for being so rude.

The superintendent has a new job title, and with that new job title comes an $11,000 raise a year. Find out why the board approved something like that when we’re still furloughing teachers.

Bradwell’s new football coach said his team would have to grow up quick. The teams will have to take a beating early to overcome their flaws. Good luck.

It is interesting that the Veterans Affairs is having a hard time getting the patients to see the doctors. I wonder how and who they pick to be on the waiting list. Guess what folks? This is your Obamacare. They’re going to pick and choose who gets seen. If you know someone important, then you probably will get seen. Shame on this government for passing Obamacare. The poor veterans do not deserve this.

In the May 21 Courier you again put another pathetic anti-GOP political cartoon in. It would seem to me that the Courier manager has drunken the Obama Kool-aid.

Why can a lawyer in the city of Hinesville call a 14-year-old black male “ignant” in the court of law? That makes no sense to me. We have enough racism in Hinesville as it is without a lawyer calling a 14-year-old black male “ignant.” She should be barred from the state of Georgia for practicing law, and the city of Hinesville should be ashamed for allowing that kind of language in the courtroom.

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