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Sound off for May 7
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I would like to know in this city why there’s nothing for kids, not one thing for kids from 10 to 15 to 16. There’s no club, there’s no bowling alley, there’s no skating rink, laser tag or anything. Why is there nothing in this town for the kids and teenagers to do to keep them busy? Why hasn’t someone thought of even a swim place, a slide or something that kids can go and have fun? We don’t have any decent parks in the city, where you can go walk your dogs and have a picnic. There’s nothing. Why doesn’t anybody think of this stuff?

To the individuals complaining about the Georgia Black Mayors Association: Get a life. Establish your own association.

With due respect to the officer who was hit while riding on the motorcycle and the violator was charged with serious injury by a vehicle, failure to yield, when I was hit on mine, I was majorly injured, died twice — up to 46 minutes the second time — still am trying to heal from my injuries, and all that violator was charged with was failure to yield. Something wrong with this picture, or is just me and my understanding?

Please, please, please establish a Georgia white mayors’ association in Liberty County. Please, please, please establish a white-history month, also, so the whiny people of Liberty County can shut up. This is coming from a true, true Republican.

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