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Sound off for May 9
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Can somebody please tell me what’s going to go on the corner of Frank Cochran and South Main right there across from South Bank or whatever it is? I hope it is a Chik-Fil-A or a Zaxby’s. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Awesome was the experience I had on Friday, being in the presence of the most powerful person in the free world, President Barack Obama. Being able to shake his and the first lady’s hands was simply awesome.

We just watched the news on WJCL about the president coming. We need to educate our adults in Liberty County on the proper way to speak when spoken to and when asking things. My good God, help us.

Why can’t the dress designers in stores that are selling clothes and dresses, put out something besides the empire style?

A special thank you to the police men and the deputy from Richmond Hill who came to the aid of the people when they had a little accident at the post office in Midway on Easter Sunday.

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