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Sound Off for Nov. 1

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“Shame on a local store for raising pet food prices. How are seniors going to take care of our pets? We haven’t gotten a raise at all.”

“Now teachers are being required to work on a Saturday. Teachers have families too!”

“Bullying happens at all ages. Just come to city hall when the council members are being rude to employees or belittling them, or on a council meeting day. They are nothing but bullies! The employees are disgusted!”

“Are you over 50, educated, experienced and qualified for an advertised job? Super, but don’t apply for a job anywhere in Liberty County or pretty much anywhere else in this region unless it is what is considered and “old person’s job” like a greeter at Walmart. I think I’ll take my tax money someplace else very soon.”

“The Bible says to “love thy neighbor.” Chick-fil-A is not loving thy neighbor if thy neighbor wants chicken on Sunday.”

“I am a Chick-fil-A team member with a need for some help. Ever since the demand for us to be open on Sunday, our store has been seriously considering it. I am asking for the people of this town to rally behind me and help stop this from happening. Please. #ClosedOnSunday.”

“I wonder how much money Buddy Carter has gotten from big pharma? Does he profit from the opioid epidemic?”

“I wish we could have a dollar for every lie Donald Trump has said put in a fund that could be used to wipe out the national debt.”

“I was taken back when a Republican congressman said Donald Trump does not lie, he just uses anomalies. Wow!”

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