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Sound off for Nov. 10

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The iPads should be pulled from the school. All they’re doing is creating more problems for the parents and the children.

I’m very pleased that Stewart has had new games at bingo now. It’s been three months, but I thought that they would be able to fix the problems with the machines. Another player lost her money this weekend because there’s a problem with the machines.

Well, I found one reason our city bill is going up. I seen the new rescue car they got. I don’t know if that’s for the fire chief, and then they say they got brand-new cars, really fancy ones. So I guess that’s probably why our bills are going up.

Congratulations to Liberty County High School for having a 81 percent graduation rate, above the state average. That should have been on the front page of the Coastal Courier.

Ha ha ha, funny. School buses have never had air conditioning, not even during the time when I graduated 30 years ago. Reality check.

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