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Sound off for Nov. 2
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What has happened to Fraser Acres subdivision? At one time, it was Hinesville’s nicest subdivision. Now it’s the worst; people don’t mow their grass, they leave their poly-carts out by the road all weekend, and they leave their equipment trailers parked out in the road and they turn the road into a one-lane road. What’s happened to a beautiful neighborhood?

This is for the person that’s saying all Democrats are atheists and hate God. You must think you are God, because you can read everybody’s minds and thoughts, you know? And the person that said that our president can’t protect our ambassadors, you’ve got a lot of Republicans up there who want to lie and cut everything and blame our president.

This is for the people who just don’t know how to do math, and they say that Mitt Romney is a business man. But you are so blinded by color — and I won’t say which color that you would take a person that lies and doesn’t know what he is talking about, over a man that is honest and trying to do his best for all Americans.

We only get 15 seconds to talk, but y’all take up 32 seconds of time on our phones? Get real, please.

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