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Sound off for Nov. 2

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Liberty County teachers, staff and administrators are tired! Look around — morale is down, people are drained! More and more is getting piled on. At what point does the superintendent and the executive staff at the board start doing their jobs? Let teachers teach!!!!

I attended the political candidates’ forum for the mayor and Council of Riceboro on Sunday, Oct. 25th. The attendance was great with citizens from Riceboro, Midway and Hinesville. There were many questions asked by the moderator of the candidates; the response by the candidates were good to the best of their knowledge. However, the one question that the mayor did fully address was the mayor and Council salary-increase justification, mayor salary current $1,200 P/M; new salary Jan. 1, 2016, $2,500 per month. There will be no Social Security and SSI benefit increase for the seniors come Jan. 1, 2016. Look like self-serving interest me. Time for a change.  

OK, I was behind a Midway police officer this Sunday morning (Oct. 18), and I witnessed him not turn on the turn signal and get a rolling stop at the stop sign and proceeded to go on to 84. When he got ready to turn into the Police Department, again he did not use a turn signal. My point is how can you violate and then give someone else a citation? If that had been me, I would’ve got a ticket for a rolling stop and no use of turn signal. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. OK, Midway Police Department.
I agree with the caller that said the new Kroger’s would be dandy. However, the location outside the city limits of Hinesville, I’m not driving that far to go in a Kroger’s. As a matter of fact, I like the location it’s in now. It’s easy in and easy out. I can’t even imagine what it would be like trying to get out on 84 or back in again.

To the person whose comments were in the Sunday, Oct. 18, Sound off about America not being a Christian country, the truth is that when George Washington and Congress met for the first time in New York City, because there was no Washington, D.C., they walked to a Christian chapel nearby, and they prayed to almighty God for the success of this new United States of America. So you couldn’t be more wrong.

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