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Sound off for Nov. 21
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Good old intersection, Gen. Screven and 84. Take down the red arrow and put up a round red light. Problem solved.

I would just like to remind everybody that we have two major holidays coming back to back: Thanksgiving and Christmas. All those people living on fixed incomes — probably your parents — cannot afford to cook for all of y’all, but they will anyway. So please bring food, bring something, always help your family out in this time of need.

The Family Dollar store in Midway was not open when the ads went out. It was not open, but we went up and went. It should have been in the paper that it was not open on Nov. 3.

A bunch of angry people were there when the Midway Family Dollar did not open like the ad went out on Nov. 3. A bunch of people went there early, and no store open. Why couldn’t this have been put in the paper?

Well, I have supported Fort Stewart for years, but now they’re putting up gate blocks for us to get on. They have the skating, the bowling, the bingo, the food court — but they’re stopping civilians from getting on because of their new regulation. So Hinesville, you need to build a skating rink and a bowling alley for the civilians — this is not right that we do not have access to these.

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