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Sound off for Nov. 22
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I’m concerned that Central Texas College will not be having a graduation this year. They say that it is due to lack of funds. However, there has not been a lack in the collection of funds from soldiers, retirees, family members and civilians of the Hinesville community that are continuing to go to that college. People that worked and studied and paid their money for two years or more to earn their degrees, and it is a shame they will not be given a proper graduation that they deserve. Instead, they’re just going to be handed their diplomas or mailed their diplomas as if it was just not significant.

This is for the soldiers in the Hinesville area. I would like to thank you guys for serving our country, but please, some of you, please learn how to drive. … I had someone back into my vehicle while it was parked at a gas pump. C’mon, fellas, you’re putting other people’s lives in danger.

I’d like to know when The Heritage Bank is going to be having the shredder truck come through again. I think if they did it more than once a year — twice a year, maybe three times a year — they’d still have a crowd.

As a fan and a booster, I’d like to give congratulations to coach Warner, his staff and players for a great football season. I know they wanted to do more, but a great season just the same. You brought pride to Liberty County and to yourselves and to your school. Now, Raekwon, we want to be able to continue to support you and watch you play for your state university. You could be a hero before you ever step on a college campus. Stay in state so we can go watch you play. I watched and supported you all these years and want to continue to do that. Go Dawgs.

I know people have their own schedule for putting up Christmas lights, but Christmas lights now, I think,  is stupid. Can’t they even wait until after Thanksgiving?

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