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Sound off for Nov. 24

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I don’t know who’s doing the Sound Off now, because lately, I had two good articles in the Sound Off that wasn’t anything about slander, but just pure knowledge. And the thing about it is it’s been about two and half weeks and nobody has printed it yet. I think there’s certain people that print the Sound Off and they put in what they want to put in.

I would like to purchase some large ladies handkerchiefs, especially some with a Christmas design in them. I love to give handkerchiefs in cards. Please, someone make some beautiful handkerchiefs so we can buy them nowadays.

Has the print in the paper gotten smaller now, or do I need glasses again?

To the person who took our golden retriever on Wednesday, Nov. 12, from the Sunbury boat ramp, could you please bring her back? My family is heartbroken.

If the city council and the board of education was more forthcoming and not so secretive of what they’re doing with their SPLOST money, maybe we could vote accordingly on SPLOST. Unless you go to the meetings, we have no idea what the city council or board of education is doing with our money.

I see iPads are causing more trouble again. Now we get a letter about approved apps for the iPad. However, you go to the website, and there’s no list there to check. So I sure hope students aren’t going to be disciplined if you can’t find the approved apps list on the web page. Please update.

To all those individuals who criticize President Obama so much, just remember we elected him not once, but twice. No president is a silver bullet. If a merciful god was president, I can guarantee you that the same people would criticize him as well.

This is to the BI critic talking about the quarterback on the Bradwell football team: their final game, the quarterback, he wasn’t able to play. So who do you blame for that loss?

I just heard that the city council voted to raise the property taxes in Hinesville. I think it’s time the local people need to do what was done on a national level, and start voting out those tax-and-spend Democrats.

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