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Sound off for Nov. 8
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

The gentleman whose wake was held at the club loved his business  and ensured many fond memories there, whether it be the ball field or sitting under the oak or barbecuing.  It seems those complaining don’t mind the roof it has put over their heads or eating the food it has put on their tables and the many loans given out that have yet been repaid.

If you know a fraud going on within the county, be a responsible taxpayer and call your commissioner and report the facts, like names, dates and instances. Don’t be a coward and call into Sound off anonymously to say start an investigation. There are 300-400 county employees. Don’t waste our tax dollars by starting an investigation of 52 weeks of all these employees. Report specific facts. Be responsible, not a coward.

I just want to say that Hinesville has some of the nastiest police officers that I’ve ever seen. They need to go to school to have a refresher course in how to treat the public, how to treat people, because they do not know how to treat the people.

Can anybody remember when you see a wheelchair emblem on the license plate that the person was actually in a wheelchair instead of walking around like nothing was even wrong with them, like I see nowadays?

I’d just like to call Long County citizens and commend their new county commissioners for going in the right direction, cutting out the fraud, waste and abuse. We replaced all the county commissioners and all the school-board members. It’s time for the school-board members to clean up their act with what’s been going on prior to there. School buses are being used for taxi cabs, they’re going to Wayne County, Liberty County, to banks, grocery stores. So school-board members, you need to start paying attention to our buses and cut out all the fraud waste and abuse with them.

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