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Sound off for Oct. 15

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

I am a parent with a student in the Liberty School system. I was at lunch having lunch with my student, and the lunch room was so out of control. I have been in the lunchroom in the past with the STAR instructors present, and the children act in order. Also, my child comes home complaining about how out of control the classrooms are. They can’t learn. I am an advocate of the STAR program, and I am here to say that the STAR program needs to come back, because these behavior specialists are not working.

I’m calling about the Liberty County School System’s school lunches. The kids are throwing more lunches away and eating more junk food. Something needs to be done about the lunches at the Liberty County School System.

Liberty County needs to do more to drum up tourist business for the Liberty Trail. I personally have been down the Liberty Trail a few times, but each time I’ve went, there’s not been anybody at Seabrook Village. And Fort Morris is almost dead. Cay Creek Wetlands is a wonderful place to walk and hike and picnic for families, and yet I don’t see it advertised in the paper, so people that are coming in to spend a weekend here in Liberty County are not aware of our local beauty and our tourist places.

Congratulations to the new Midway business, Country Barbecue. Let’s keep it in Midway – it was delicious, the rib dinner I had. The only thing missing was the dill pickle.

We’ve been in school almost nine weeks, and I’ve yet to receive an email from any of my son’s teachers, or my daughter’s teachers, from Lewis Frasier Middle School. Last year, I received an email weekly from his and her teachers. However, this year, I’ve yet to receive any. Is there a reason why one grade does it and other don’t? Just want to know.

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