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Sound off for Oct. 2
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Last week, the city manager and council were again exposed for not following their own mandates and guidelines. At what point do we, the city taxpayers, hold them responsible for their inaction or failure to do the job in which they are assigned? Their incompetence proceeds them, time and time again. Notice: it’s time for a new city council and city manager.

Mr. Stuart, unemployment in Liberty County is an issue for all. How trashy and slummy your neighborhood is is an issue for you and your neighbors and maybe the city’s code enforcement.

Joe Stuart’s letter to the editor Sept. 25 sure hit it right. It’s a disgrace the way anyone, civilian or soldier, moves into Hinesville and refuses to have any respect where they live. It’s everywhere in the city and county. Drive around and see. Clean up for your place. Respect yourself. Respect those who have lived here all their lives.

I certainly agree with the thing in Sound off Wednesday on the city council and certain departments. However, I think the department targeted with the two inspectors is a little out of bounds because they don’t have the help. It takes time to cover the areas, and then it also takes time to get responses. They have enough work to do. Anyone who’s familiar with the laws knows that. I think the rest of it is very true.

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