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Sound off for Oct. 26

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As a taxpayer of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit I would like to know how and why the investigators are given cars to drive when they do not do any investigating. One stays at the gym and the other stays in his longtime girlfriend/co-worker’s office. Way to spend all of our hard-earned tax dollars!!!

My husband’s upset; we paid for our daughter to play softball for Bradwell, which she was excited to do. They only played three games, and then the school canceled the rest of the games. Liberty High is still playing all their games; maybe that is why their team wins a lot of games. We are really upset about this.
Fate dooms Bradwell. Please!!!  Bradwell’s fate was doomed when they got on the bus. Bradwell could not beat a semi-skilled park-district team. Former state powerhouse relegated to a laughingstock.
Politicians, take notice before a child is hit by a car in school walking zones. Children who walk to Joseph Martin and Snelson-Golden schools from Bradwell Street Extension and Kings Road have to walk in the road. Why aren’t sidewalks connected to these schools? Jacks Hill Road, the next street over, is not connected to the schools and has sidewalks. Shouldn’t the safety of our children be a priority before a child is hit by a car because they could not get out of the road fast enough?
I would just like to say that to that candidate that was throwing slams at the forum (Oct. 5), it was very disrespectful. She was the only candidate out of all the city councilmen that was throwing slams at her incumbent. I would say to that incumbent, keep your head up, you did a great job, and you’re doing a good job for your district. I would say to that candidate, you made yourself look bad by throwing slams at that person. I was sitting in the audience; the audience did not like it all. I would say to the mayor’s candidates, we learned a lot about the players that’s running for mayor for the city of Hinesville. I would say to the mayors, it was very hard, but we all hung in there. Again, I would like to say it was great.

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