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Sound off for Oct. 28
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I agree with the editorial page Wednesday about requiring the military to live in housing if there’s base housing available. On another caveat, why are paying civilian employees overseas housing allowance? They should have to pay their own housing allowance. And another thing, we pay 52 percent of the defense budget in entitlements and benefits. It’s time to cut. Maybe we should put TRICARE for life into Obamacare.

What about a county employee who only comes into to work when she feels like it, and her supervisor writes down eight hours on her time card when she doesn’t go into work? Sounds like to me the county commission needs to check into all of this. We as taxpayers are being cheated.

I’d like to know how a person can be given 12 months’ probation, required to attend anger-management classes and have to comply with 40 hours of community service and they still have a job at the courthouse. I thought their policy was zero tolerance; good employee or not, anyone found guilty of a crime should be automatically terminated. Zero tolerance, I guess, only applies to certain people. I’d like to see this in the paper, and so would others.

I just read in the paper about the police officer leaving the Coke can in the parking lot. I got one better than that: The police department goes around early in the mornings, shaking the doors on businesses, setting the alarms off and then charging the business with false alarm. They’ve been so bad on ours that we just finally discontinued using our alarm.

I’m glad to be awakened by street cleaners, trash trucks, semis, school buses, loud mufflers. That tells me that at all hours of the day and night, someone is watching. So go buy earplugs and go to sleep.

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