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Sound off for Oct. 4
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Why does the Armstrong Liberty Center run a complete background check for you to enter a public school? That’s crazy. I see now why their enrollment is down. We live in a community where people might have a background. But why do they need a complete background check?
I agree 100 percent with the letter to the editor from Joe Stuart. Yes, we do need to have a forum. We all need to get together, and everybody needs to know the whole truth.

Citizens alert: People living on Veterans Parkways in the vicinity of the gate entrance to Fort Stewart, the side entrance, take note of the crossings of the lines that have just been put in under contract. You better think about selling your home now, because you’re not going to be able to get out of that area except one way out, and that puts you on another major thoroughfare, so your homes won’t be worth one thin dime by the time the city gets done with you, and the planning commission. It’s criminal; they take our taxes and then block us in.

Yes, to the Americans in Hinesville, please call all of your state representatives, email the president. Give them your two cents, which is worth less than one cent. And Congress probably got its raise today, so doesn’t that make you happy?

I must be old-fashioned, but it absolutely annoys me when the younger generation’s vocabulary consists of just profanity. This is especially for young  ladies, when every other word that comes out of their mouth is a curse. Do you realize it’s making you look ignorant? Have some respect for yourself and others around you, especially in your workplace.

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