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Sound Off for Oct. 6

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I’d like to know, since when has Fort Stewart allowed soldiers to fly colors of the wingmen while in duty uniform, especially riding around off-post and when they’re making threats to people? That’s just not really professional.

If the person is concerned about people how they dress at the commissary, they should go look at the hospital. Everybody used to dress very professionally. …  It almost acts like half the women are dressed to go out to a club. What happened to professionalism? They used to have it at the hospital.

Someone should go and take a look at this new VA clinic in Hinesville … There’s plenty of handicapped parking spots, but it’s all for the staff. The patient has to park a long distance from there, and a patient that is handicapped is not going to be able to handle it. Someone needs to look at it and tell them it’s supposed to be built for the veteran and not for the staff.

Well, thank goodness they found the three Afghan soldiers who were on our military base and able to come and go as they want to. They found them near Canada. Just think, people — here, we people at Fort Stewart, we have to prove who we are. We’re American citizens and we can’t come as we want to on the post, but these foreigners can.

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