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Sound Off for Oct. 8

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

After reading the Coastal Courier for today, Wednesday, Sept. 17, I see that the council got together again and how to divvy up money and raise money for all kinds of things. However, they did mention something about the bus schedules and putting in new bus stops. What I would like to know is how much money was lost again last year running the buses on the Liberty system. They say that they’ve increased the number of riders. I didn’t see anywhere what the number was. All I have to say is, I think we’re sending good money after bad.
In regard to the Sound off customer on 22 September about the commissary and the dress code at Fort Stewart, there is dress code and the Army does have a dress code. It’s just that the senior leadership at Fort Stewart does not deem it necessary to enforce it, and therefore have a complete and total disregard for any dress codes. And it’s a shame, because that’s a disgrace to any and all that have ever worn the uniform.

I would like to say to the Sound off, get the facts right together. … In the facts, it says that the councilmen and the mayor want to travel on our expense. I would like to say to the citizens that I know for a fact that some councilmen do not want to go out and travel on our expense. I would like to say to get the facts correct, it’s not all the councilmen. The only person that wants to travel to Washington on our expense is  the mayor and mayor pro tem, Charles Frasier.

Who can you talk to about the home health care that’s supposed to pay for the gas and the mileage for the employees?

Buddy Carter is no longer an elected official. He gave up his legislative seat to run for Congress. I’m just wondering why now does he, as a private citizen and a congressional candidate, have his opinion column published in the Courier, and congressional candidate and private citizen Brian Reese has not been given the same opportunity to have a column published. In all fairness, it seems that both candidates should have opinion columns. I don’t know if publishing only the one column  is legal, but it certainly doesn’t seem ethical.

I just have to respond to this. I’m reading the paper here, and this person met somebody online three days, and then they move in with her, and she leaves him in the house and goes to work, come back, he rips off her $800. I mean, come on. That’s really stupid. You’ve known somebody for three days that you met online and they come to live with you, and you give them free run like that. I don’t know. The police, I tell you, boy, they come to some silly stuff — boyfriend, girlfriend.

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