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Sound off for Sept. 13
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We hear the kids complain about the food; they say it’s terrible at the schools. Does anyone realize that people are getting backpacks for these little kids on weekends and feeding them because they don’t have food? And here we’re serving them lunch food that’s not edible, and this might be the only food they get. I wish someone in the school system would stick up for these poor kids who don’t have good food. And maybe say, “Recess will help kids lose weight.”

As I’m reading the paper, Tigers vs. the Savannah Blue Jackets, the Bradwell coach said that they are working on the fundamentals of the game this week and going back to the basic blocking schemes and the basic defensive schemes. That’s where the football team should’ve started from. You can’t build a program if you skip the basics. If you’re going back to them, why did you skip them?

I’m a public citizen of this community, and if one of those children from First Presbyterian Christian Academy gets hurt playing football due to their lack of manpower or their lack of numbers on the football field, I should file suit myself against the school or the community. That is not enough students to continue a football program. They’re trying to hurt the kids if they continue that.

This is about these people calling about 11-man football: Why don’t you let your boys grow up to be men and stop complaining about it?

This is to inform people that if you’re on welfare when you get the Obamacare, you and military children will be considered at-risk, and the government can come in and get your children at all times. Please read the new law that will affect all of you.

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