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Sound off for Sept. 16
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Does Mayor Thomas have a pipeline to the Pentagon, or does he simply make up these lies about Fort Stewart and its troop strength?

I’m a parent of two children at Lewis Frasier Middle School. I’ve noticed on several occasions that the school has certain employees there who are unprofessional. This person is referring to her principal as “baby” or “sugar” on the job. This doesn’t look good at all. There should be a standard for professionalism.

I agree with the African-American man who said no family members should be on the same board, as we know there are on our board of education, to sway the votes.

As a parent, I am very disappointed to hear that Liberty County High School graduation has been changed to Saturday evening instead of the morning as it has been for years. I don’t think it was the new superintendent who changed this, but I do wish that she would consider changing it back to the morning as it has been. It is such a nice event for the students and rather cool in the morning.

Will some of the stores tell who has the Claxton chickens now? Who sells Claxton chickens in Hinesville? Our doctor said preferably to get the Claxton chickens, and to do business with a local company kind of would be nice.

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