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Sound Off for Sept. 19

The counties around here have middle-grade sports. They have baseball and are adding softball for the kids. Ours can’t have anything. They’re cutting back all the sports for the kids. But we can afford to give one person a $20,000 raise who has been here one year?

School board, you don’t do things undercover. Let people vote on who you let come in and run your school system.

To the Lyman Hall parents, please be advised, the teachers and faculty are too busy focused about the color of socks our children are wearing to teach them to read and write.

It figures in the school system, the highest-paid people get the pay raises when nobody else does. I propose we recall the school board and terminate the superintendent’s contract. Seriously, a $20,000 raise after one year when she’s done nothing but spend money and drive people out of the system?

It’s ridiculous, all the chatter about the school board and superintendent because she got a raise. So what, she deserved a raise and I think she’s doing a real fine job. If you’ve got to find somebody to beat up on, I guess you forgot about Obama.

What’s happening with Sound off, the whole thing is full up with comments about the superintendent’s pay raise. What is this, a campaign against the superintendent?

Let’s put things in perspective. Dr. Lee makes $190,000 a year. The vice president of the United States makes $230,000. Senators and representatives make $174,000 and the majority and minority leaders make $193,000. Perhaps it’s time we take away the ability of the board to set the superintendent’s salary, or at least vote in a whole new board over the next two go-arounds.

I disagree with all the comments about the superintendent here. I think our superintendent is doing a fantastic job. Keep the good work up. All comments that she shouldn’t get what’s coming to her, I think she should get that and more.

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