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Sound off for Sept. 2
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I am so blessed to have wonderful neighbors who would do things for you without your asking and without expecting anything in return. God bless you, and you are appreciated.

While you stay on the top of the barrel and you keep everyone else on the bottom of the barrel is going to make you have a little talk with Jesus to see, by and by, if you have passed the test.

I’m a citizen of Walthourville, and I would like to let you know that I attended one of the city council meetings and it is a disgrace how one of the council members treated the mayor with such disrespect. It is a disgrace, and councilwoman, you know who you are.

I just want to thank the dump-truck driver that stopped on Barrett Cemetery Road to tell me who ran over my mailbox. I think that was very good of him. God bless him.

Hey, Coastal Courier, the answer to your What’s this? It’s a pool table and a plant inside of a room. Where’s my subscription? You should call it “where is this?” not “What’s this?”

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