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Sound Off for Sept. 20

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“This Friday I evacuated to Baxley, ended up at Baxley Church of God, Rev. Speed pastor. You feel God in that church. And arrived home without any problems. God is good.”

“With all the wickedness and hatred taking place in our country, and even after a local call for unity and prayer, it’s a shame that two of our county commissioners and two city council members continue to put racist posts and race baiting on their Facebook accounts. As leaders they should be trying to bring us together.”

“Seniors, be careful when you are choosing an ad that contains carpentry and electrician skills for hire. You need to check references. You don’t want to be taken advantage of.”

“I’m a concerned citizens. The recent city council was just awful. It’s the worst council in years. I was shocked when Mrs. Reid took off on Mr. Jenkins. This is not how the city council members are supposed to act.”

“Thank you, thank you thank you to VIP and all the supporting vendors for the lovely teacher gift bags that were distributed at a recent farmers market.”

“A big shout out to Georgia Power for restoring power so quickly after the storm. They did a very good job and we appreciate it.”

“Your story about the commissioners’ fire protection plan said they are trying to figure out how to charge us for vacant land. Really? I guess next they’ll try to find a way to tax us for the sky over our heads.”

“Marcus Scott, please run for Liberty County Board of Education chairman. We need a change.”

“Someone please tell me what Buddy Carter has to say about the rescinding of DACA. He is very quiet on these issues. Could the same someone please tell me what POTUS has against the former president Obama that the only things he is targeting are his accomplishments.”

“For the reason so many people in Liberty County are out of work is because they got fired from their jobs for not doing their work. For if they caused their employers to lose customers the business could go out of business, especially if there are other businesses that do the same work.”

“Mayor Prayer, in Walthourville, I think Mr. Quarterman is doing a great job. Some of the council members did not know the city was getting a new human resource director. Hang in there, Mr. Quarterman.”

“I have to agree with the mayor, it is a sad day for the city. Billy Edwards has done one heck of a job over the last 30 years. It’s taken this city that was nothing and was C.O.D. everywhere, to where it is now. I hope the Hinesville three are happy. It’ll be interesting to see who is next, the police chief or fire chief.”

“I find it interesting that we can hear about the superintendent and board members, their discretions in the Coastal Courier. However, we can’t hear why Mr. Edwards was released from his position. That’s the big question.”

“If a white city commission treated a black manager, the way the Hinesville people have done to a white city manager, there would have been hell to pay.”

“To the Hinesville City Council, what a tangled web we weave when we try to deceive. You guys are trouble.”

“BoE chair and some members gave ex super Lee another $15,000 plus or minus some pennies for doing absolutely nothing. Three payments down, nine more to go.”

“I think that we should have a recall. There is confusion and we need a recall. We are to serve the people, and not ourselves.”

“I am a long time county employee and need to set the record straight. The commission has given us a total of 18 percent in COLA and increases in the past 10 years, along with health care, Christmas pay and health insurance. Whoever keeps saying they have not had a raise is not right. Thank you commissioners, for what you are trying to do.”

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