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Sound off for Sept. 22
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I was just wondering, do you think that our country could get President Putin to come over here and straighten out Obamacare? He seems to be doing a good job everywhere else.

Many parents in other states are fighting back against Common Core because it’s teaching the wrong history to children of America. They’re being told lies about America. Parents, you need to get a history book and look at what they’re teaching your child.

I picked up a pair of sale shoes at the PX. The next week, I tried to swap them for a different size and was told that I would have to pay full price because the SKU number was different. It doesn’t matter that they were the exact same shoes. Because the SKU number was different, I would have to pay full price. We just love our treatment from the Army. Thank you, PX, for your good service to the consumers.

As a high-school football fan, I am really worried about the First Presbyterian football team. Somebody’s going to get hurt. Somebody needs to talk to the coach when enough is enough.

Thank you, Sheriff Nobles, for putting an end to people firing weapons in residential areas. Lives have been saved.

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