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Sound off Sept. 9

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Just saw the Billy Crowder case. What a pathetic judge. Apparently, he was a great friend of the abusive grandfather. He should be disbarred. Why didn’t someone question why the life sentence?

So they are building another marketplace at Ole Times Buffet. Do they really make sense? Wasting taxpayers’ money. Again, how do they know it’s going to make that much business? They surely didn’t think this one out.

Thanks, Carolyn Smith, for giving the children in Holmestown community a huge back-to-school rally.

I think that Megyn Kelly that did the debate with Trump, Trump should give her a lot of money for putting him right on the top where he is today, because … she didn’t do anything wrong. She said it was good journalism, and it really put Trump right on the top. How about paying up, Mr. Trump, to Miss Kelly?

When women start killing their own aborted babies’ parts, it will finish the human race. Population explosion will reverse, and female babies will become obsolete. What will the males do? Nothing they can do.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Stay out of the campaign, Trump. If Trump doesn’t keep the TV on on Fox News or whatever Megyn Kelly’s on, Fox doesn’t care, and most other people don’t care. He just needs to get out of the campaign if he can’t take the heat.

Hey Coastal Courier, why don’t you all do your job? Let us know about the MidCoast Regional Airport. How many airplanes does local people use at that airport a day? Let us know. We would like to know what’s so important about this $4 million runway extension when we honestly do not know anybody that owns airplanes. Please let us know. Get to work.

Is it true that LCHS did NOT get security doors installed this summer, but the new principal did get all new furniture for her office? If so, it is a real shame that the safety of the students and staff is not a priority, but the appearance of her office is. SMH...

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