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Spring beautification underway
KLCB scouts clean1
Scouts fan out to police an area of litter. - photo by Photo provided.
In conjunction with the annual Great American Cleanup, the Keep Liberty County Beautiful initiative has once again organized a volunteer program featuring a multi-faceted beautification effort that is taking place this weekend and continues through May 31.
Sara Swida, the organizer of KLCB, and her volunteers begin a major water cleanup (the first of four) this Saturday at the Sunbury boat ramp and fishing pier.  
The environmental restoration will consist of a coordinated trash pickup and the trimming and pruning of bushes around the pier.
In addition, a beach cleanup is planned for March 31 at St. Catherine’s Island. The coordinated effort will utilize boats and manpower to necessitate a successful revitalization of the region, Swida said.
There will also be road cleanups, including an extensive one on April 28, which will cover Hinesville’s entire five-mile span of US highway 84.
Each mile of the road will be split among teams and more than 2,000 garbage bags will be used to collect the multitude of trash on the roadside, Swida said.
“The way our county looks not only affects how we live, but it also affects how we’re perceived as a community,” Swida said. “There’s something everyone can do during the Great American Cleanup to make a difference for Liberty County. By volunteering and taking the time, it will make a difference for all of us.”
The three goals of KLCB include litter prevention and solving the significant litter problem in the area, waste reduction and recycling as landfill space is increasingly hard to come by and community improvement and beautification, Swida said.
“I was drawn to the abundance of natural resources and overall beauty of this county. I want our residents to be aware of these natural and historical resources so they can understand how important it is to protect them,” Swida said.
To  volunteer, contact Sara Swida at 368-4888 or e-mail
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