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Student invited to acting school
He's soliciting donations to pay for trip
Sideeq Heard
Sideeq Heard, a 2012 graduate of Liberty County High School, has his sights set on becoming an actor. - photo by File photo

Liberty County resident Sideeq Heard, a sophomore studying theater arts and acting at Howard University in Washington, D.C., recently was invited to follow in the footsteps of Orlando Bloom and attend the British Academy of Dramatic Arts this summer in Oxford, England.
Heard, who was an active member in Love-it-Productions in Hinesville and his school’s drama club under the direction of Bryan Rothwell,  said he is excited to attend the intensive monthlong program, which runs from July 11-Aug. 10.
“While in England, I will have the opportunity to become culturally diverse in the craft of acting, training under some of the most renowned actors and directors in the world. This program allowed actor Chadwick Boseman (“42”), Orlando Bloom (“Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”) and David Schwimmer (“Friends” and “Madagascar”) to flourish in this industry after graduating from their program, which is why I feel that this is the next best step to further develop my craft,” Heard said, explaining that Boseman attended Howard University as well.
However, attending the prestigious acting school comes with a high price tag.
“In the pursuit of my endeavor, the financial expenses for this trip are proving to be a major setback,” Heard said. “The total cost for this is $6,950. Fortunately, I received a scholarship for $2,500, but the remaining cost is still the only roadblock that would stop me from attending this trip.”
To help pay for his trip, Heard has set up a Go Fund Me account, where friends, family and supporters can donate money.
“If you are able to send any monetary donations, I would greatly appreciate it. … If not, I do accept prayer, because the journey to reach my goal has been nothing less than a battle,” he said. “Please contact me with any questions you may have or any other ways ideas on ways that I could fundraise.”
The student went on to talk about his goals and dreams.
“I want to tell a story of the vision I see in my head,” Heard said. “I wake up every morning looking at the world and imagining a gray sky. Not because I dislike the color blue, but gray seems to even everything out.
“When the world is gray, I feel like nothing can stop anyone,” he continued. “Everywhere we walk is leveled out to allow anyone with the desire to create change to begin to alter this gray world. That’s how I live my life — not thinking of the obstacles or the hardships or even the time and effort to get me where I need to go, but imagining what the gray sky will look like when I take my palette of desires — colors — and begin to paint the world anew. That’s how I view my goals.”
“I don’t want to just become a great actor to say I did it, but to get to a place where I can start painting the world with more peaceful colors,” he said. “Winning an Oscar to become a member of the Academy (of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), owning my own production company and eventually stepping into the political realm of America as a senator are the three majors ways I dream of reshaping the world we live in, but it all starts here.”
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