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Sweethearts for 62 years
Valen Brewton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brewton
In a time of pre-nuptial agreements and increasing divorce rates before the first anniversary, there are marriages that have stood the test of time. Not every marriage is ending in divorce with couples citing irreconcilable differences.
The Brewtons of Hinesville are among the success stories. There is still a twinkle in their eyes when they talk about one another.
Henry Brewton, 86, of Claxton and Madeline Riley Brewton, 85, of Sylvania say they are still enjoying their life together.
On April 21, they will celebrate 63 years of marriage.
“I met her in Savannah and we dated for about two years,” Henry Brewton said.
After marrying, they moved to Hinesville in 1951.    
After many years of a successful and fruitful marriage, the Brewtons’ advice to couples, especially young married couple, is quite simple.
Mrs. Brewton said the wife should realize “the man is the head.”
Mr. Brewton quickly agreed, saying she gets an “A” for that comment.
“We can’t just do what we want to. We have to be patient, stay calm and use wisdom,” she said.  
Henry Brewton said couples should work together.
“Don't just say anything to every comment,” he said. "Learn to read instead of making a comment; don’t argue,” Mrs. Brewton said.
Henry pointed out women want the last word so “we learn to walk out the door.”
“A couple must be as one. There has to be love, trust, understanding and tolerance. Love is what brings families together; it takes love to keep them together. Couples must respect each other,” he said.    
“A husband must be a man. Take care of your responsibility. Families are to be taken care of by the husband, unless the wife desires to work,” he said.
With a chuckle, he said every leap year the man should be “taken out to dinner.”
Henry Brewton is a retired staff sergeant who has traveled extensively. He is a veteran who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.
“My first duty station was the Philippines,” he said. He also served in Hawaii; Fort Campbell, Ky.; and Fort Stewart. Brewton received many awards for his military service.
After his retirement, Brewton worked at the Savannah Machine and Foundry as a master welder. He is also a carpenter and designed and built St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville. He also renovated some homes and churches in Collins.
“We designed and built our home,” he said.
Madeline Brewton said she worked at the Fort Stewart Laundry, National Guard area at Fort Stewart, laundry in Hinesville, and the Shoe Factory in Darien. “She never shared her money with me,” Henry Brewton said.
He also said he enjoys building models of airplane.
“I built a model of a plane from paper towel rolls and the bottles from my hair dye.  I used faucet gaskets for the wheels and spray painted the plane. I am in the process of designing a new plane,” he said.
Madeline Brewton said her husband bakes pies and cakes.
“He doesn’t eat them like he used to. He makes his pies without the eggs; he uses yeast instead of eggs because the eggs make him sick.”
Henry Brewton said he also does some gourmet cooking, as well as a little typing and gardening.
“The deer eat everything except the greens and onions. I used to plant large gardens and share with the neighbors,” he said.
 Madeline Brewton used to make quilts, and still does a little crocheting. The Brewtons said they used to spend a lot of time in the yard planting and tending to their flowers.  
The Brewtons have six children, 12 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.     
Mr. Brewton attends New Bethaven Primitive Baptist Church in Collins, and Mrs. Brewton attends Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville.  
The Brewtons are looking forward to many more loving years together and wish the same for other couples.
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