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Sound off for Jan. 11
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The following statements were phoned in anonymously. They do not represent opinions of the Courier and we do not vouch for their veracity.


If the people in North Georgia need water, we have plenty of it in Hinesville. We are watering dead grass and letting it fill up the ditches and sidewalks in 30-degree temperatures.
Well, I never receive thank-you cards from anyone I give gifts to either, but I still send out thank-you notes to people who give me gifts because it makes me feel better and I enjoy doing it. At least they know I appreciate the things they give me.
I know that Hinesville supports soldiers but the soldiers should support the civilians that live here in Liberty County and be able to get on and go through there post so we can get to I-16. Not everybody in Hinesville is a retired soldier.
I think it is very important, and I agree with you, that when someone gives you something you should reply with a thank-you note for it is better to give than receive. But when you receive, it is just courteous to let someone know how grateful you are. So I do agree with the thank-you notes.
Could some retirees that care about children, please apply for jobs driving school buses? It’s ridiculous they are hiring people just because they need a job and they really don’t care about the safety of these children. Please somebody that cares about children bring our little kids to school safely and bring them home safely ... They need to train these people to drive these buses.
Why is the board of education asking for a forum to help decide who will be the new superintendent? They did the same thing with the naming of the new football field and they didn’t listen to anybody and then decided for themselves. I don’t understand. What is Liberty County coming to?                                                      

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