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'Takers' full of solid acting, eye candy
Showtime with Sasha
Hayden Christiansen looks good in his hat in "Takers." - photo by Photo provided.
This week, I was pleasantly surprised at the movie theater. You’re going to want to watch this film, “Takers.” I never expected it to be so good.
“Takers” follows a Cracker Jack team of very talented thieves. Real thieves. Not like “Inception.” No sci-fi here, so don’t look so confused.
The team is made up of Idris Elba, the leader with an accent, Paul Walker, the grease man, Michael Ealy, the gun man with pretty eyes, singer Chris Brown, the runner — and the gun man’s brother, and Hayden Christiansen, the builder with the hat.
Now these guys are very good, very smart and very rich. They’re on top of the world. In fact, Ealy’s character has just asked his girl, played by “Avatar’s” Zoe Saldana, to marry him.
Things get tense when Ghost, a character played by recording artist T.I., is released from prison.
Ghost was a member of the crew, but got caught five years ago. In a perfect world, the gang would give him the money they’ve been holding for him and Ghost would walk away. But Ealy has swept Saldana, T.I.’s former flame, right off of her feet. Ghost has a lead on a time-sensitive job for the crew, and he kind of got shot on the gig that got him arrested. He bears a scar, so you can bet he wants revenge.
Matt Dillon is the dogged detective right on the gang’s heels. His partner is baby-faced Jay Hernandez. Yes, it was worth seeing this film just for the eye candy.
Let me tell you, the last good heist caper I remember is “The Inside Man” with Clive Owen. That was in 2006 — way too long ago.
In fact, “Takers” reminded me of my favorite heist film of all time, “Heat,” where Bobby DeNiro plays the thief and Al Pacino plays the cop. Val Kilmer’s best role ever was in that film, by the way. I’m just sayin’.
But back to “Takers.” What was the worst thing about it? Hmm. I got nothin’.
The best thing about it was a great script, which allowed each actor to have a stand-out moment in this film where it’s all about him. Also, Hayden Christiansen, you look nice in that hat. I’m a fan!
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