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10 things husbands do that make us fall in love all over again
How can you not love him when he does these amazing things? - photo by Melinda Fox
He's your man. And you could never fall out of love with him if he does these 10 things:

1. Wears your baby

There's nothing more attractive than seeing him all bundled up with your little one. Not only is it just adorable, but it's amazing to see your husband crazy about being a dad.

2. Cleans the toilet

A man who cleans the toilet is a hottie. He has initiative and believes in equality in the relationship.

3. Plays with dolls

You could just melt when your manly man lets his daughters paint lipstick on his face and puts on an English accent to play tea party.

4. Geeks out over your stuff

When he sets the DVR to "The Bachelor" because he doesn't want to miss an episode, or he suddenly becomes obsessed with every song by Mumford and Sons even though he'd never heard them before he knew you, his love of the things you love makes your love for him grow stronger.

5. Remembers

You can't help but remember what it felt like to fall in love with him when he takes you to the restaurant you went to on your first date or brings up something silly you used to say when you started dating.

6. Holds your hand

When he takes your hand in his just because, that little touch makes you fall in love with him all over again.

7. Cooks dinner

Coming home after a long day and seeing your husband whipping up a delicious meal is a beautiful site for your sore eyes. His consideration and all-around awesomeness make you fall in love with him again and again.

8. Sends you flirty texts

Getting a surprise message from your man makes you fall in love again because he makes you feel the way you felt when you were first dating.

9. Tells you you're beautiful

When you realize that he's still attracted to you after he's seen you barf or after you've had a mascara-streaming cry, there's no way you can help but fall for him all over again.

10. Asks your opinion

There is nothing more amazing than being respected by someone that you love. If he seeks your help in making decisions, it shows he has that respect for you and he wants to make choices that you are happy with.
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