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10 things you must know about your man before getting married
Do you think you know everything about the man in your life? Make sure you know these things before taking the next step. - photo by Jenna Koford
Many relationships end because of communication issues, lies or simply mismatched personalities. Others end because the couple didn't take the time to really learn about each other.

Here are 10 things you should know about the man in your life, especially before you take the next step. If you know most of these things, keep going and learn even more.

His career goalsthe real ones

Maybe you know what job he has, but do you know about his dream job? What if he wants to relocate in 5 years? Find out if your man wants to be a manager, a laborer or a CEO. He may want to start his own soft pretzel business. You never know.

His reactions to a slow computer or lost luggage

One famous quote says, "I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he handles 3 things: a rainy day, lost luggage or tangled Christmas tree lights." Knowing a man's temper or patience can show you a lot about who he is.

His favorite place in the world

Don't just ask him about his favorite place in the worldgo with him. Better yet, look at his behavior and attitude and see if you really know where he is happiest. When you know where his happy place is, you'll learn more about what makes him feel peace or love. If his favorite place has history or plays a big part in his life, you'll learn even more.

His living standards

Is your man a mess? Some men can make the bedroom floor disappear with their dirty clothes and food wrappers. Find out if he is a neat freak and needs to wash his shirt after every wear. You may have more pointless arguments over cleanliness and hygiene than you think.

His childhood

The way he grew up will reveal a lot about who he is now. If he was pulling weeds and doing laundry every weekend, maybe he'll expect that from his own childrenor wife. He may be afraid of clowns because of what happened at his 5th birthday party. Learning about his childhood, even the silly memories, will help you know even more about your man.

His family plans

This is a crucial thing to know. Yes, he's told you he wants a family, but have you asked about the specifics? There's a big difference between 2 kids and 7 kids. Does he want to go on family vacations? Ask some questions about what he wants in a family, and see if it aligns with your heart's desires.

His hidden talents

Learning his quirks and talents can show you a new side of your significant other. You can uncover his piano skills or cooking expertise. Men want respect and love, and if you praise him about something he's good at, he'll love you even more than he already does. Plus, you'll be able to figure out if he loves magic tricks and understand why there are so many top hats and playing cards lying around his room.

His feelings about love, marriage and sex

His feelings about this may affect the rest of your marriage. What if your man doesn't like to cuddle when he gets home from work? Maybe he likes to stay busy and puts your marriage second. Do you both have the same expectations about intimacy? Figure out how he feels about love, marriage and sex, and you'll know a lot more about what your relationship may be like in the future.

His wish list

Knowing what your man loves can help you on all the major holidays, especially Valentine's Day and his birthday. It's also important to know what major things he wants to do in his life: his bucket wish list. Maybe he has a dream to hike Europe for 3 weeks. You should probably know about that. Ask him what's on his wish list, both in material items and experiences.

His favorite thing about you

This may be an uncomfortable one to ask about, but if you know his favorite perfume you wear or what dress he loves on you, then you can be sure to keep the spark alive. Knowing he loves your laugh will make you want to laugh more. Maybe his favorite thing about you is how well you know and love him.

If you learn these things about the man in your life, you will strengthen your relationship and be ready to take that next step forward. If you are worried about these points or you're not sure where the relationship is going, take a step back, and see what you know and feel. Marriage is not something to jump into. The more you know about each other, the better.
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