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10 ways to show your wife you truly love her
Want to know how to make your wife feel great? Here you go. - photo by Erin Adair
There are lots of ways to make a woman happy, but at the end of the day, we just want to feel like were something special.

Here are 10 ways to show your wife you truly love her:

1. Tell her how you feel about her.

Guys, even though you might not like talking about your feelings, we need it. If you want to make your wife feel important, and truly loved, you should look in her eyes and say, I love you.

Eye contact makes a huge difference. The more eye contact you make, the more intimate it becomes.

2. Surprise her with little gifts.

When you're walking through the mall, and your wife stops to look at something that she likes, try to remember it. Do your research and ask your mother-in-law or her sisters for a gift idea or two (youll get brownie points from them as well).

3. Stop, look, and listen!

Notice when she wants to talk. Shes not asking for you to fix something or be her hero; she just wants someone to listen. Make her feel like a million bucks by being attentive and making her feel important.

4. Date her.

Try to go on a date at least once a week. Get a babysitter, recruit a grandparent or trade off with another couple. Keep the romance alive. You won her over once, do it over and over again.

5. Build her up.

Encourage your wife to pursue her interests and the things that make her happy. Compliment her in front of others! It will make her shine like gold.

6. Do things around the house.

There are a lot of things that women do that are sometimes taken for granted. A great way for husbands to show their love is by helping out around the house. Clean up after dinner, get the kids ready for school or take the next turn with the baby. The next time you notice your wife looking a little tired, say, Why dont I clean up dinner? You can take a bubble bath. (Then I highly recommend giving her a foot massage.)

7. Leave her little notes.

You dont have to be Shakespeare, just try to make her smile. Text her love notes when youre at work, leave sticky notes on the mirror in the bathroom, send a romantic email or put a little note in a book that shes reading.

8. Be more physical!

Don't forget small, meaningful touches: Hold your wifes hand or put your hand on the small of her back when youre leading her through a door. It doesnt really matter what you do - just touch more.

9. Give her a surprise date.

Get off work early without telling her, pick up her favorite movie, grab some take out from that place she loves and have a surprise night in. Relaxing romance can be the very best kind. Cuddle on the couch, share popcorn while you watch the movie and offer her a back rub when its over. Itll be great for both of you.

10. Leave her time to be herself.

Make her take a break and do something just for herself. Tell her to go for lunch with a girlfriend, give her time to take a class or join a book club. If you want your wife to feel loved, she also needs to love herself.
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