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12 beautiful things only sisters can bring to your life
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Whether you have an older sister or a younger one, your relationship is sort of like a friendship. You fight with her but can still count on her to take all the blame so you don't get in trouble. She lets you know what lip color looks best on you. You can tell her anything. While your relationship is like a friendship, nothing really compares to what sisters share.

Imagine cherishing all the good days of your childhood; things you did together, laughs you had with each other and so much more with your dear sister. Arent these memorable moments? With each passing day, your bond will only get stronger, making you realize what the blessing of having a sister is really like in your own life.

No matter how happy you stay in your friends company, how close you are to your parents or how loved you feel by your spouse, there are 12 things that only a sister can give you:

Motherly love

If you are the younger sibling, your sister really shows you some motherly love. You can picture your sister as your parent because you know she treats you like her baby. She loves to pamper you, will listen to your rants and will try to solve your problems. Doesnt that make you feel blessed?


When you aren't sure what to do, your sister is someone you trust to give you the right suggestions...even if you don't want to accept her advice, you know she is right.

Freedom to be yourself

In her company, you can do the weirdest things without a second thought. You can laugh as loud as you want, you can dance funny, you can made strange faces...whatever you do, your sister ensures the moments stay between the two of you.


She knows not to tattle on you (and is often your partner in crime). She's someone you trust to watch your back.

Life lessons

Your sister teaches you about life. She shares her own experiences to make sure you don't make her same mistakes.


You love your sister so much. When she leaves, you have some serious heartache. You think you'd appreciate the alone time and having your own space, but the day after she leaves, you start missing her voice....and all those things that used to annoy you.

Secret keeper

She is the best person you can share your secrets with. You can tell her anything in confidence, like who your first kiss was. All those secrets about your first boyfriend are safe with her.

A second closet

Having a sister means having a second closet. She's pretty protective of her stuff around other people, but since you are sisters, you are special. Now you have a second closet full of cute shoes, clothes, watches and jewelry. Be thankful you are lucky to have a sister like this.

Gift giving

Your sister loves to see you happy, so she'll surprise you with a gift...often. Expect loads of gifts from your dear sister. It doesn't have to be a special occasion; she loves turning an ordinary day into a memorable one by gifting you something you've had your eye on.


You are going through a rough patch, but you know you can always turn to your sister. She is the only person who can counsel you with genuine tips so that your life gets back on track.


In any relationship, fights and arguments are normal. You just had a brawl with your sister about something. Your ego is stopping you from apologizing and she too is hurt to apologize herself. But no matter what, she loves you. It's time for you to shed your ego and hug her tight.

Memories of life and memories for life

Remember staying up to eat ice cream in the middle of the night, laughing at stupid jokes you cracked, having silly fights, sharing late night gossip sessions and playing pranks? These are just a few happy moments of your life. And, doing all this with your sister makes them even more memorable. You will cherish them for life.

If you have a sister, you are the luckiest person in world; you will always remember times you have spent with sisters.
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