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12 signs you have the best dad EVER
How many of these characteristics does YOUR dad have? - photo by Melinda Fox
It's easy to take adoration of dads to the extreme, but at the end of the day, don't they deserve every bit of it? Dads are some kind of awesome, sacrificing and loving with every piece of themselves to make their kids' world an amazing place. Here are 12 signs your dad is the best dad of them all:

1. He let you use him as a human jungle gym

That guy threw you in the air (and caught you), he let you sit on his shoulders to see above the tall people and he carried you up the mountain when your legs were too tired to walk anymore. Basically, he sacrificed his body for your comfort at all times.

2. He can braid hair

It might look a little sloppy (OK, a lot sloppy) but as a little girl, you didn't know the difference. The point is, your dad is the best dad ever if he was willing to learn new skills for you. Maybe he learned to play chess so he could spend time with you or he learned to make macaroons because he knows you love them.

3. He says "yes"

"Can we go to the park?"

"Can I have ice cream for a snack?"

"Can I jump off the roof?"

Goodness knows that dads need to say "no" plenty of times, but when he could, your dad embraced every opportunity to say "yes!"

4. He scared away monsters

Even though he knew the Boogie Man wasn't really creeping in your closet, your dad made sure to check for you. It is always important to him that you feel safe.

5. He came to your games all decked out

Your dad is your biggest cheerleader. Whether it's by emailing his friends to let them know you got a job or standing at your track meet in the rain, your dad is 100 percent proud to support you.

6. He let you make mistakes

You were and still are a growing little human, and that means making lots of mistakes as you learn. Your dad is understanding about the things you do wrong and helps you turn them into learning experiences.

7. You can call him with questions

If you don't know why your hand suddenly hurts or how to write a persuasive essay, your dad is your go-to guide for how to solve the problem. You know that if he doesn't know how to solve the question himself, he'll get you to the right resource.

8. His "dad jokes" got game

If he can't crack a corny joke, he might not even be a real dad...

9. He makes his famous pancakes

Your dad's got a signature move. Whether it's taking you to the pool every Saturday or making his signature pancakes for the family, he has a special ritual that makes you feel like your dad is one-of-a-kind.

10. He taught you to ride a bike

Whether it was where the constellations are or the facts of every American war, your dad wanted to pass all his knowledge down to you. Sometimes teaching you required a crazy amount of patience, but your success was worth it.

11. He made you mow the lawn

Your dad taught you how to work by putting you to work.

12. He loves you

Even if sometimes the two of you wonder how you can even be related, he loves you for being you.
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