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13 little things that make women attractive (from REAL men)
Men say these 13 subtle things make women crazy attractive. - photo by Melinda Fox
Most women recognize that when a guy rolls up his sleeves or he puts his hand on the small of her back, it's pretty attractive. But what are those little things that women do that drive men crazy? Well, one Reddit user decided it was time to find out. Here are the things men said are small things women do that they think are attractive.

1. Be kind

"In my experience, there is nothing sexier than genuine and spontaneous kindness and generosity."

"I see a 6 take the time to speak to a homeless person, boom she's a 9. That girl in Japan who offered to cover my parents' bill when their card didn't work? Boom, from 7 to 10."

2. Be passionate (but not about murder)

"Passion in anybody is a very attractive trait I'm not surprised if they're interested. Unless it's a passion for murder or something..."

3. Put your feet on his lap

"Resting her legs and feet in my lap when she's reading."

4. Wear sweats

"Sweatpants, tight shirt, pony tail. It's a lot of girls' lazy clothes."

5. Stand on your toes

"Standing on their toes to reach something."

6. Care about his interests

"When a girl asks a question about something I enjoy and I get to explain it and they are genuinely interested."

7. Touch his chest

"Touching my chest. This can melt me into a ball of goo."

8. Give a cuddle hug

"As a 6'3" male, when you go in for a hug and someone nuzzles into you. Friend or not, I am now attracted to you."

9. Put on a sweatshirt

"That moment when she put on a sweatshirt or a scarf and her hair are "inside", so they put their hands around their neck, under the hair, and make that move to get them all out. It's usually followed by a slight movement of the head which makes her hair fall in perfectly."

10. Make eye contact across the room

"This girl I know does this thing where we'll all be hanging out having a group conversation, and she'll be talking to someone else but she'll be making eye contact with me."

11. Hold your drink with both hands

"I think its insanely hot if she holds a drink with two hands when drinking with a straw. I know it's weird, but there's just something about it that gets to me."

12. Stretch

"And I don't mean bending over yoga poses, I mean regular arm/back stretches. Those have been getting me since 6th grade."

13. Smile

"I love a good smile directed at my way. Even more so when I've had a tough day, and she's happy to see me."
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