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14 moments that might make you regret having kids
You love your children to pieces, but sometimes they do things that might make you regret becoming a parent. Here's to all those moments! - photo by Kelsey Down
No matter how much you love your children, sometimes they do things that make you rue the day you decided to become a parent ... but at least you can laugh about it later.

1. Like when they use frosting for facepaint.

2. Or when you leave them alone for five minutes and come back to this.

3. And then they decide to give themselves a mani-pedi.

4. When they produce this many dirty clothes in one day.

5. And sometimes they just need a snack.

6. And when they get thirsty, you can never find a matching sippy cup and lid.

7. When they want to give shaving a try.

8. Or they learn to use the big-kid potty.

9. And then they get confused about how the toilet works.

10. And when they try to help by making their own lunch.

11. When they go a little overboard on the whole paint thing.

12. When they practice their reading skills.

13. Or they decide to go for a run.

14. And when they make DIY snow.

A day may come that you will miss these moments. On second thought, maybe not these exact moments. But take solace in knowing that you are not alone.
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