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15 things every man should secretly whisper to his wife
They might seem simple to you, but hearing these things will make a world of a difference to her. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
Despite popular stereotypes, women are actually not very complicated creatures. We just want to be loved! And these phrases are an easy way to help your wife feel that way. They might seem simple to you, but hearing these makes a world of difference to a woman when her husband takes the time to say them (and means it).

Your zipper is down.

There is nothing more embarrassing than coming home from a party only to notice your zipper is down, there is food in your teeth or mascara all over your face. Save your wife from horrifyingly wondering how long there was a long smear of black down her cheek by pulling her aside and letting her fix it.

What do you think?

This shows her you consider and value her opinion over all others. She needs to be your partner, and counseling with her is a simple way to show her that she is.

I noticed that you

didnt complain when I left my mess out. Or, I noticed you left work early enough to make dinner for us. Whatever her sacrifices are, let her know they dont go unnoticed.

Youre so beautiful.

This needs to be whispered DAILY. Even the most confident women have their days of wondering and worrying if their looks are enough.

Note: Not all complimentary words are created equally. Beautiful, stunning and gorgeous rank the highest in compliments. Pretty, cute and nice, while still flattering, are less likely to make her swoon.

We cant afford it.

Shell thank you for this someday when you arent paying off loads of credit card debt. Self-control shows love more than indulgence.

Lets just cuddle.

Sometimes your lady really needs a hug and just that. Sit and talk while cuddling without the expectation that sex has to come after. It just so happens that women who hug their partner more frequently also have a lower heart rate and blood pressure, according to this study.

Thank you.

Dont forget the little things. Pull her in close and tell her youre grateful for her making the bed, or filling up the car with gas.

Let me clean up.

The way to a womans heart is through housework. Do the dishes on an evening when its not your night.

Youre a really great mom.

The No. 1 feeling mothers feel the most intensely is doubt on how they are doing as a mother, according to an article on DigiDay. If there is anyone that can help her feel like she is doing a good job, its her husband. Tell her specifically why she is a good mother to your children.

Im proud of you.

When was the last time she heard this from anyone? There is a lot to be proud of her for, and she deserves to hear it from someone.

I love you.

Its impossible to say this too much. Dont assume she knows it. Say it at least once every day.

Ill love you no matter what.

There is so much in life that makes you feel unworthy. No matter what she is going through, she needs to know your feelings wont change for her if she makes a mistake.

Its OK.

Similar to the point above, she needs you to forgive her for when she messes up. Relationships have a way of highlighting our greatest flaws, and its sometimes pretty embarrassing. Forgive her quickly and vocally. Dont leave her wondering if youre still harboring bitterness.

Why dont you take a night out?

Every lady needs one of these, but especially a young mom. Whether its with her friends, or on her own, let her go do what she needs to do to unload.

Im so glad I chose you.

She knows you said I do once, but are you still saying it? Choose to be happy with her every day, and let her know that shes still your number one.
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