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18 ways to be the cutest husband in the world
If you want to make your lady say "aww" every day, read this list. - photo by Melinda Fox
Some men are worried doing sweet things for their wives will offend their own masculinity. But doing things that make her heart melt won't challenge your manliness at all, and your wife will love you all the more for doing them.

This is the definitive list on how to become the cutest husband of all husbands. Do these things, and you are well on your way to making your wife sigh a little "aww."

1. Mail her a love letter

Everyone likes getting mail, but even better than mail is a straight-up love letter. Go old-fashioned and send her a letter from the heart. She will be delighted to find it among bills and reminders in the mailbox.

2. Put a new song on her iPod

On her iPod, download a song that makes you think of her, then set an alarm with the song and a short message to her.

3. Paint her nails

Even if you're terrible at it (and you'll probably be better than you'd like to admit), she'll think the gesture is utterly adorable.

4. Notice changes

If she gets a new haircut or starts putting red peppers in the stir fry, notice these things and tell her. She will appreciate how you care enough to pay attention.

5. Write a note on the toilet paper

She'll never see it coming.

6. Plan a best friend date

Your lady may not get many opportunities to spend time with her girl friends anymore. Plan a date for your wife and her best friend. They'll both think you're the cutest husband.

7. Bring her lunch at work

Surprise her with a brown bag full of food halfway through the work day.

8. Give her your coat

If she's chilly, take off your coat and wrap her in it. Just do it.

9. Write her a poem

You don't have to be a Keats or Shakespeare to melt her heart. Even if your poem-writing is awful, the plain fact you wrote the poem is adorable. (But if you just "can't," you could copy out a little something from one of those poets and tell her it expresses how you feel.)

10. Bring her flowers

This is a classic cute husband move. They don't have to be fancy. Even a dandelion bouquet can be pretty adorable.

11. Read her favorite book

Even if her favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice," read it. She'll think it's totally cute of you.

12. Dedicate a song to her on the radio

This can be pretty cheesy, but cheesy is cute. A day where she hears you dedicate a song to her on the radio is definitely a dear-diary day.

13. Hold her hand in public

Because it's adorable.

14. Make her photo your wallpaper

Change the wallpaper on your phone to a photo of her. When she asks you about it, tell her it's because you want to see her when you're apart.

15. Carry her to bed

If she's too tired to even move, help her out by picking her up and tucking her under the covers.

16. Cook dinner

Surprise her with a home-cooked meal when she gets home. If you want to be extra cute, light some candles (even if the kids are around).

17. Learn to dance

Take a dance class, then take your lady out dancing. Adorable.

18. Leave a note on the fridge

In the middle of the notes to buy more eggs and a crayon masterpiece done by your 2-year-old, hang a message from you that she'll discover unexpectedly.
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