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5 dating mistakes youre making right now
Does it always seem that youre dating attempts end in failure? Here are five mistakes commonly made in dating that may be destroying your love life. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Dating can be fun, but it can also be extremely stressful and trying. Sometimes it feels like you are playing a game that you can never win, and you have no ideas what the rules even are.

It seems that the only way to succeed is through trial and error, and although it is important you just put yourself out there, there are ways to improve your dating game.

Here are five mistakes that you may not know you are making that are actually making you fail at dating:

1. Moving too fast

Moving too fast is definitely a mistake that could make your dating life crash and burn. It is a sure-fire way to scare off potential romantic partners, and make you seem like you are desperate. Desperation is not a good look my friend.

2. Over-thinking

This is something that many women are guilty of, but it also applies to men when it comes to dating. He said Hey instead of Hi, does that mean he doesnt like me? I texted her five minutes ago and she still havent responded, is she losing interest?

Honestly in the end, you will know through their actions if he or she wants to go on another date with you. Stop stressing on the little insignificant things that wont matter in the end.

3. Ignoring red-flags

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has faults and flaws, but it is a mistake to ignore things that shouldn't be ignored; the definite red flags. Now these red-flags may differ from person to person, and some are more severe than others, but there are some that should never be ignored. These can include controlling behavior, drug abuse, pushing intimacy, etc.

4. Game-playing

Dating is a game. That is just the truth of the matter, and to get into a relationship you must play the game. However, there are some who misinterpret playing the game to mean manipulation and mind games. This is completely false. If it seems that the person you are trying to date, or if you find yourself using these strategies to find a date, just stop. This is not appropriate behavior and is not healthy in any kind of relationship.

5. Talking too much about your ex

This is a hard no-no when it comes to dating. Not only does it show that you might not be over your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, but no one wants to sit there for an hour listening about the person that they may never live up to. So if you find yourself on your next date bringing up your ex over and over again, just stop. Bring up a new subject, and pray that the damage hasnt been done.

We all know that dating is not easy, but by stopping these bad habits you will find that dating becomes a lot more fun and bearable. And who knows, by stopping these five dating mistakes you may find the one that means you never have to go on a first date again.
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