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5 saucy things your grandpa can teach you about romance
With many years of experience, Grandpa could probably teach you a thing or two about romance. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Everyone loves his or her grandpa. He is usually cracking some age-old dad jokes, and sneaking you candy when grandma isnt looking. He is full of great stories from the days before Internet, and some pricelessly embarrassing ones about your mom or dad.

But when the word romance is mentioned, you wouldnt necessarily associate it with your grandpa. But think about it, if he has had a marriage thats lasted this long and he didnt have texting or tinder, cant your grandpa teach you a thing or two about romance?

The answer would probably be yes, and here are a couple questions you can ask him in order to help you in the romance department.

How to make someone notice you

Not only is this question fun, but it will give you some insight on how to meet people sans social media, meaning you usually have to actually speak to the person face to face. Maybe your grandparents met at a dance or a pep rally. Wherever they met, hearing how your grandpa got the attention of your grandma will not only be fun, it will teach you to have a little courage to go after the someone you like.

How to ask your crush on a first date

This question will be a fun one because, as was previously mentioned, your grandpa didnt have the option of sending your grandma a FB message or swiping right on Tinder. He probably had to call her, come to her house, or write a note to ask her on their first official date. Hearing what your grandpa had to do will probably make you grateful for modern technology, but also help you to be more creative the next time you want to ask someone out, even if it's your significant other.

The most romantic moment of his life and why

Want to know some real advice about romance? This is the question to ask. His response might surprise you, and maybe grandma too. This question might prompt some thought on grandpas end, but his answer will be an inspiration to both you and the generations you share this with that come after you.

How to propose to the woman of your dreams

When I asked my own grandfather this question, it was surprising to me that he seemed to recall every detail of that day. Not only is this super romantic, but it can also be quite funny. Hearing the story of how your grandpa proposed to your grandma is sure to illicit both laughs and ooos and awws as well.

How to keep the romance alive after kids, jobs, and mortages

Listen attentively, because it is not an easy feat to keep romance alive for 40 or 50 plus years. He may tell you things that he has done that you never even thought of and that you can easily do with your significant other. Plus, hes sure to unveil some stories that you never would have heard, which again is a great way to learn more about him to share with your own children.

In the end grandpa has been on this earth a lot longer than you have, so his insights on life and romance are invaluable. Take this opportunity to learn more about a man you love dearly, who wont necessarily be around in the years to come.
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