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5 ways to let the grandparent enjoy time with the kids
Everyone can benefit from a little more love in their life. - photo by Christa Cutler
We all want to grow up and make different choices than our parents. We are going to have different lifestyles, different traditions and sometimes even different beliefs. But there is great importance for your children to connect with their ancestors.

The best way for them to bridge the gap between themselves and their ancestors is through their grandparents. Spending time with grandparents is one of the best things for children to do. Not only do they get to learn more about the past history and ancestors, they also get to connect with someone who is different than they are.

As a parent it can be hard to think about letting go of family rules, especially when it comes to your parents. You know your parents semi-mean well, but they also just want to come and spoil the children, right?

Michelle Woo said, Part of being a parent is welcoming other people into your kids lives who are not you, and knowing that their lives will be more vibrant, and better because of it.

We need to remember that allowing grandparents to spend unstructured time with children will bless your childrens lives immensely.

Here are five ways to let the grandparents enjoy time with the kids:

1. Bedtimes

This can be one of the most important routines in your childs day, so it might be one of the hardest things to let go of when the grandparents come over. Trust me, if you really love your kids, you will let your parents participate in the routine.

This is a great opportunity for them to sit and read stories to your children, to snuggle them and have a couple of extra laughs before the kids go to bed. It wont hurt the kids to stay up a little later than their normal bedtime.

2. Baths

Whether your kids take a bath every night or only once a week, bath time with the grandparents can be some of the funnest times. They will probably get to spend longer in the tub, there will probably be more bubbles and a little bit more toys spread everywhere.

Or on the other hand, they might not give your child baths or clean them up. This is OK too. They will have a little more time to play games with grandma and grandpa with a couple extra laughs and hugs. It will be worth it for your kids to be a little dirty and a little more loved.

3. Activities

You should trust the grandparents to come up with good, safe activities, whether they want to take them to the zoo or play games at the house. Grandparents were once parents and they know kids. They know what kids like and they want to do things that will make their grandkids smile.

4. Food

Make sure your parents know about what allergies your kids have, but other than that, let them have fun feeding the kids things they dont normally get. I remember my grandma making me a four-course meal and feeling so honored that my grandma would make me so much food (even though I hardly ate anything).

Dont keep your kids away from memories because you dont want them to have a second cookie.

5. Love

Let the grandparents enjoy time to love the children. They will have their own ways to do it. But they just want to be loved and share the love they have for your children. When you dont call or involve them in your life, you are limiting the love that you, your children and your parents can have in their life.

Make the effort to get the grandparents involved in your childs life. You wont regret giving your children this opportunity.
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