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5 ways you remind him you are the best choice he ever made
Your husband loves you for a majority of reasons. Here's how to ensure those reasons stay fresh in his mind. - photo by Seth Saunders
How did you know it was her? How do you still know she is the right one for you? What was it about her that made you want to marry her? Depending on the context, married couples have probably been asked these questions at some point or another in reference to why they got married. The questions may have come from a child, friend, cousin or a number of other sources.

Every marriage has a story of how it came to be. But after the initial newlywed bliss wears off, it is important to remember why you want to be together.

Here are five ways to remind him that you really are the best choice he ever made:

1. His weaknesses

You love him despite his weaknesses. You have patience with him as he is trying to better himself, as he does with you. You help him focus on his strengths.

2. Constant support

No matter what you might be going through personally, you are there to offer words of love, support and encouragement. If he loses his job, you are the first to say its OK. If he is down in the dumps, you are there to provide a comforting hug.

3. Your love for your children

He loves coming home from work and seeing you at the table helping your kids with their homework. He notices when one of your children states they have a huge project due the next day and you stay up the majority of the night helping to get it finished. He hears when your kids tell other kids how awesome their mom is. He sees the love and patience you have for your children, which he strives to emulate. These are all reasons he recognizes he made the best choice in a spouse.

4. Forgiveness

Husbands make mistakes. But from simple things like not clearing his own dishes to forgetting an anniversary, you are quick to forgive. You don't carry grudges, and realize it takes forgiveness so both of you can move on.

5. A better man

You make your husband a better person. Your example of loving and serving others has caused in him a desire to be more mindful of others. He is inspired to be better as he sees you strive to be your best self for him.

In a world that continually is trying to shape the way we think about marriage, family, divorce, parenting and relationships, it is important that you take the time to reflect on those initial reasons of why you got married. Every marriage will have its own set of challenges; but for those husbands and wives who are truly committed to each other, challenges will not break their bond of love.

Husbands, you have a wonderful opportunity to not only reflect on why your wife is the best choice you ever made, but to be sure she knows why as well. Reminding her of all that is good within her can bring higher levels of love, trust and comfort to the person you love most.
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