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7 things most wives wish their husbands understood better
Do you wish you could understand your wife better? Here are 7 things that may help you out. - photo by Megan Shauri
Lets face it, men and women are different. We think differently, we act differently and we express ourselves differently. Most of us dont mind the differences, in fact, they attracted us to you in the first place. But there are times when we wish there were certain things our husbands could at least understand a bit better. Here are seven of those things:

1. We may honestly not know how were feeling

It can be hard for husbands to keep up with our emotional mood swings, but its also hard for us! One minute were fine, and the next we are crying, mad, or laughing hysterically. The worst part is, sometimes we dont even know what caused the sudden switch. Instead of getting frustrated or mad, just hold our hand and be there for us. Dont take it personally: it is not you, it is us; we realize that. Now, if we could only figure out why were crying.

2. We dont always want a solution

When we come to you with a problem or concern, we are not looking for a solution. Most the time we just want to vent and have you commiserate with us, not jump into problem solving mode. Of course we value your opinion, and we may want some advice, but wait for us to ask. And if we dont ask, just listen. Solving the problem isn't what we need right now.

3. We need to just cuddle

Women like to cuddle. We like hugs, holding hands and resting our heads on your shoulder. We dont have to have a huge romantic evening every night, just snuggling on the couch with a movie can be enough. Dont forget the tender touches; a sweet kiss on the forehead means so much.

4. We love when you help us

Even though we try to do it all and seem to have everything under control, we won't complain if you decide to step in and help out....especially without asking. Do something unexpected like picking up (or making) dinner. Give her the night off from bedtime duty. Or instead of handling a task yourself, just help her out. Two hands are better than one and now you have time to bond while completing a task.

5. Being a good dad is extremely sexy

Seeing you interact with the kids is one of our favorite things. Seeing how you love them, hold them, play with them and talk to them makes our hearts swell. We love watching your interactions and seeing the love in our childs eyes for you. There is just something extremely sexy about watching the man we love most in the world be changed (in a good way) by someone so small and precious.

6. We married you for your personality, not your salary

Career, salaries and success are important to most (if not all) men. We get that you feel your career defines you, but unless were a gold digger, we did not marry you for your bank account. We love you for your kindness, sense of humor and determination. We support you and we want you to be happy. That's all.

7. We arent vague on purpose

We are not trying to confuse you; it's just how we communicate. It's hard for us to be direct, because we feel that is too aggressive or rude. It's not that if you loved us more, you'd know what we mean; more like we don't realize you are confused. Women tend to pick up on every little look, body movement and tone of voice, reading into it more than it probably means and we think men do the same thing.

We know it's hard to figure out our mood swings and indirectness but we dont mean to be confusing, its just who we are. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into what we go through and how much we love you for understanding!
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